Make A Difference From Home by Goin’ Bald for Bucks

We know this isn’t how you imagined your year going — we didn’t, either! But despite the uncertainty of the world right now, we know we will get through this because we are in it together! Just because we are physically distancing doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. Virtually Goin’ Bald for Bucks is […]

Meet Andre the Warrior

Warrior [wawr-ee-er] noun: a person who shows or has shown great vigor or courage. Synonyms include fighter, soldier and Andre. There’s never been a person more deserving of their name than Andre Sanders. Not only does his name literally mean warrior, but he is one, right down to his core. At 4 years old, he’s […]

Get to Know Bella, The Girl Who Started It All

You only have to spend a few minutes with Bella to realize she has a heart of gold. According to her mom, Jamie, she is caring, loving and always thinking of others. “On Bella’s first day of kindergarten, one of her classmate couldn’t go outside because she didn’t have her EpiPen and was allergic to […]

He’s Back for Round 2 – Dan Dunleavy is Goin’ Bald

On March 5th, sportscaster Dan Dunleavy will join Marty Biron live on air to Go Bald for Bucks. This is Dan’s second year participating in our head shaving program. We chatted with him about why he’s shaving his head for the second time and what this cause means to him.  Q: How did you first […]

Why Marty Biron Goes Bald for Bucks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a YouTuber or a professional athlete: Everyone’s life has been touched by cancer. Take, for example, our favorite former NHL goalie and friend Marty Biron. The first time he experienced it was when his aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It was a very scary thing,” he said. […]

Our Inspiration: Tim

Age: 18 years old Hometown: Cheektowaga, NY Diagnosis: T-cell leukemia Status: In remission Tim just turned 18, and that means he gets to start living out his dream as a professional firefighter. Previously, he was a junior firefighter with the Hy-View Fire Department and now is a volunteer firefighter at U-Crest Fire Department. Turning a […]

Our Inspiration: Nya

Age: 12 years old Hometown: Cheektowaga, NY Diagnosis: Acute myeloid leukemia Status: In remission The fabulous and vibrant Nya is an unstoppable force – and always has been. A dancer at heart, she’s traveled across the country to participate in competitions, showcasing her incredible skills. But that changed in 2013. Nya had been sick for […]