Jeffrey Taylor goes Bald for Bucks!

Jeffrey Taylor went Bald for Bucks this year in honor of Lucas, a strong and determined 14-year-old from Akron, NY, who was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was only 7 years old. After seven years of doctors, hospitals and treatments, Taylor said, “watching his progress, seeing him share and interact with so many people is truly amazing to me.”

This is not the first time Taylor has shaved his head in honor of Roswell Park. Taylor shared, “What originally inspired me was the care I received at Roswell Park personally for myself… My own personal battle has been easy although life changing. I just felt the need to give something back, and my hair is all I’ve got left.”

But Taylor wasn’t alone in his struggle against cancer. Both Taylor’s sister, Colleen, and his father, Joseph, were patients 20+ years ago. They are also the inspiration for his continual efforts to raise money for cancer research.

“They both passed away too young, but maybe they had some impact on the research at Roswell Park,” Taylor said.

Taylor has a lot of fun with his Going Bald for Bucks events, doing different themes for each one. For his first Bald event, he created a “Wanted” poster for every hair on his head. Together with his daughter, Melissa, they raised over $2,000! At his next event, he partnered with his brother Harold in Georgia. They created a “North vs. South” fundraising campaign and together they raised $1,900.

This past event’s campaign was themed “The Truth Will Be Revealed,” as Taylor had enough hair to cover his face. As the hair came off, he revealed a clown’s face instead of his own. This time around Taylor raised close to $1,300.

Taylor’s small town of Akron, NY is very generous in support of Taylor’s efforts to raise money for Roswell. We asked him how he goes about getting his donations.

“My friends, family and local business community are very supportive of my efforts. Akron Chamber of Commerce has allowed me to make my event part of their Thursday Night Cruise Night where I make it fun for everyone. Running up and down the street, half head shaved looking for donations to complete the haircut.”

Taylor said he posts on Facebook and shares with as many people as he can reach. This year, he sat outside of a local supermarket with just a table and some information, collecting $100 in about five hours. Taylor says he talks to people everywhere he goes, explaining where the money goes and letting people know that no matter what the amount, it all adds up.

Taylor shared on his personal blog page: “I want to thank each and every person/business that supported me in the quest to raise funds to support Childhood/Pediatric Cancer research and treatment… I’m going to surprise the staff with my final count and hope it helps in this fight for our kids, our future.”

To anyone thinking about going Bald for Bucks, Taylor says, “If you’re thinking about it, STOP. It doesn’t hurt. It costs you nothing. It helps 1000’s. It’s fun. So STOP THINKING and just join in the fun. The research is life changing and in some cases life-saving. Your hair will come back!”

“We are surrounded by this disease. Everyone knows someone affected by it so I just want to do my part to keep making advances for the future generations.”

Way to go, Jeffrey! Thank you so much for becoming such a big part in the fight against cancer.