Get Involved with Bald for Bucks!

Ways to Participate

At its core, Goin’ Bald for Bucks is a head-shaving fundraiser. Over the years though, our participants have gotten creative and found other ways to use their hair to fight cancer. Check out the ways to participate and pick the one that best suits you!

Shave Your Head!

The option that started it all! It’s pretty simple — let the world know you’re going to stand in solidarity with cancer patients by shaving your head. Then, collect donations that will help support cancer patients and research. Lastly, grab those clippers and shave it all off at your very own Bald For Bucks event!

Cut Your Hair!

Cut your locks with this Bald for Bucks option. We have a list of wig-making charities that accept hair donations. Each place has different specifications, so be sure to review the requirements and select the charity of your choice. Let us know which one you pick, and we’ll help you get an addressed envelope to send in your pony tail.

Make sure to spread the word about your decision — sharing your story will help you raise money for cancer research. Then, make the cut and be proud of yourself and your new ‘do — your donation is making a difference in the lives of cancer patients!

Style Your Hair!

Make a statement and spread awareness by styling your hair. What does this mean? Really, whatever you want! Get colorful extensions, dye your hair, or try a funky new hair-do for the cause. Have fun with this option as you raise money for cancer patients and research.

Grow Out Your Beard!​

Maybe Goin’ Bald isn’t your thing … but maybe growin’ your beard is! Choose the Beards For Bucks option when you register. Grow out your beard or moustache for several weeks, collect donations as you grow, then host a beard-shaving party.

Or turn it into a friendly competition! Sign up with your co-workers, teammates or friends and see who can grow the best beard or moustache. Make a donation to be part of the #noshave club and see how much your team can raise for cancer research! Beards for Bucks is a great opportunity to get creative with an idea of your own while also supporting the fight against cancer.

We’d love to join forces with your organization and would be honored to have you host an event.

  • Buffalo organizations, please contact Allison Polakiewicz, Senior Teams Fundraising Specialist, at or 716-845-8846.
  • Rochester organizations, please contact Christina DiBaudo, Rochester Bald For Bucks Coordinator at or 585-563-6221.

Getting Started

Whatever option you choose, we’re here to help you get started. Whether you need help organizing your Bald For Bucks event, or you need some tools to help with your fundraising, we’re here for you!