Zach Beck wears a Bald for Bucks T-shirt before shaving his head
cancer research

North Collins senior reflects on 14 years of going Bald for Bucks

For North Collins student Zach Beck, going Bald for Bucks is a tradition spanning more than a decade. Zach’s mom, Billie, encouraged Zach to get involved with the fundraiser when he was just a preschooler, making him one of the youngest students in the district to shave his head for cancer awareness and research.

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Leeyana Cheek smiles in a bald Bald for Bucks T-shirt. Filler image.

Leeyana Cheek: Kindness Comes First

Leeyana Cheek wants others to know they aren’t alone, especially when they’re hurting or going through an illness like cancer. That’s why she participates in Bald for Bucks. Read her story.

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Three cellphones show people talking.

Livestreaming 101

Chances are, you’ve gone live on your social platforms before. If you haven’t thought about livestreaming for Bald for Bucks, now’s the perfect time. Here’s what you should know.

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