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Download to Fundraise – Get the New Bald for Bucks App

Fundraising for Bald for Bucks just got a little bit easier! We’ve got a new mobile app to help our participants fundraise this year.

There are so many cool features that allow you to quickly and efficiently access your dashboard and communicate with donors. With this new app, you can:

  • Monitor your fundraising progress
  • Share your page using social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or SMS
  • View and manage your donations
  • Update your page with a personalized story and photo
  • Connect with Facebook and start a Facebook Fundraiser
  • Send emails easily by importing your contacts list with just one click

Want to see a tutorial of all these features? Keep scrolling!

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It’s easy to get started – here’s how:

  • Visit either the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Download Goin’ Bald for Bucks
  • Once download is complete, log in with your Bald username and password you used at registration

The App’s Capabilities

So what can you do with this fundraising app? A lot! There’s so much to explore and utilize, including the leaderboard, your fundraising progress, thanking donors and more. Take a tour of the app below to help your fundraising even more!

Monitor Your Fundraising Progress

The very first thing you see when you launch the app is your fundraising progress. Here, you can keep track of how close you are to meeting (and exceeding!) your goal. You can also update your goal directly through the app. Click Edit next to your goal on the right hand side of your progress wheel.


Share Your Page

Now that you’ve made the commitment to be a fundraiser, it’s time to spread the word to bring in those donations. The app makes it incredibly easy to share your fundraiser on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email and SMS. You can share your fundraising from three different pages:

  • Home (right under your fundraising progress)
  • Donors
  • Page (under your link)

Update Your Personalized Page

Say goodbye to changing your image and story only on a desktop or laptop. Now, you can do both right through the app! To change your image, you can upload a picture directly from your camera roll or a take a picture using the app. Don’t forget to update your story, too! Showcasing why Goin’ Bald matters to you will help donors understand how important this cause is to you.

Once you’re information is all updated, you can customize your Bald fundraising link and view your page.

View and Manage Your Donations

Keep track of your donations all under the Donors tab! You can see who’s donated to your efforts and how much they gave. You’ll be able to thank them right through the app, too.

Additionally, you can opt to be notified via email when you receive a donation! This is a great option to make sure you never miss a chance to say thank you to a donor.

Integrate with Facebook

If you haven’t connected your fundraiser to Facebook, do not worry! Now, you’re able to integrate with Facebook through the app. Head to the home screen and scroll down to the “Fundraise on Facebook” section. Follow the prompts and voilà – another touchpoint for donations! You’re online fundraising dashboard will now be integrated with Facebook and you’ll be able to receive donations through the social media platform.

If you’ve already connected your fundraiser to Facebook, this section will reflect that!

Send Emails Easily to Your Contacts

Have contacts on your phone you’d like to email about your Bald for Bucks fundraiser? The app automatically syncs with your address book. Whether you’re asking for donations, thanking donors or recruiting team members, go over to the Email tab to send updates to your contacts.

The Goin’ Bald for Bucks app make it easy for you to meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Download it today to get started! If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

Integrate Your Fundraiser with Facebook

Here are the step-by-step instructions!

1. Log in to your fundraising dashboard

2. Scroll down and click on “Connect Fundraiser to Facebook”

3. You’ll be redirected to Facebook, and a pop-up window will appear that states Roswell Park will receive your public profile. Click “Continue.”

4. An additional pop-up window will appear that state Roswell Park would like to manage your fundraiser. Click “Ok.”

5. Either you’ll be brought to your Facebook Fundraiser or you will be prompted to go to your Facebook Fundraiser dashboard.

6. Edit your fundraising information, including title, description, goal amount, end goal and more.

7. Promote your Facebook Fundraiser by sharing or inviting people to your fundraiser to start getting donations! This tool will allow you to spread the word about your fundraiser, engage directly with donors and reach more people than you ever thought possible.

Four Fundraising Tips for Introverts

Do you love alone time? Are you quiet? Do you have a small group of friends? Then, you might be an introvert. Even though social interactions might not be your thing, you have everything you need to be an excellent fundraiser.

Introverts are super passionate and driven, which makes them great at fundraising for a cause they believe in. We know fundraising can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before, especially if you’re quiet. However, we know just how capable you are. Here are four fundraising tips to get started.

Start With Fam and Friends First

The best way to ease into fundraising is to ask your family and friends first. They’ll be so happy and proud that they’ll want to donate right away – and may be willing to spread the word, too!

Asking people you’re close with first is also good practice. Try out your sales pitch on them and see what they think. If they offer any advice on how to improve, take it! This will help give you the confidence to talk to others.

The Internet is Your Friend

Many introverts love to communicate through writing, which makes the Internet the perfect place to fundraise.

Get on your fav social media platform and spread the word. Ask some friends if they’d be willing to share your message on their accounts, too.  Send text messages to classmates, teammates and neighbors. Remind them that it’s not about the amount – every bit helps. There are so many ways to use the Internet to fundraise and you don’t even have to leave the couch to do it!

Turn Fundraising Into a Fun Challenge

Fundraising should be fun, so turn your efforts into a fun challenge! Leave a change jar on your desk and collect any spare change from classmates and teachers. Collect bottles and cans in the cafeteria. Maybe ask your teacher if you could host an ice cream social for your class.

There are so many small things you can do that will really add up at the end.

You’ve Got Strengths – Use Them!

Introverts are great at connecting with people in small groups. Look for opportunities to talk with neighbors, coaches, relatives, friends of siblings and more. If you can explain from your heart why you’re doing this, people will be more likely to donate.

You’ve got the heart, passion and commitment to fundraising successfully. Turn on your introvert charm and work your magic!

A Little Art Makes A Big Difference

Chelsea Crane has color on her mind and beads in her carrying case as she walks throughout Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. As one of the five Artists-in-Residence, she’s here to offer patients a creative escape.

Today, she’s with Lisa, who is no stranger to creativity. Lisa shows Chelsea rocks she painted, which she collected at Sturgeon Point on Lake Erie, New York.

They’re big rocks, about 6-8 inches across. Lisa painted them with scenes from nature, like a waterfall, a bridge, trees and bunnies. They’re gifts for her doctors.

“You want them to know that you care for them as much as they care about you,” she says.

Lisa is a lymphoma patient at Roswell Park. She’s spending several weeks in her hospital room preparing for a bone marrow transplant. Although, she’d rather be painting at home or walking the beach. So, when she sees Chelsea come in with her stacks of art supplies, she lights up.

Lisa is making window decorations with beads. She digs happily through bins of colored beads, picks stones in earth tones and begins to string them together. She and Chelsea talk while they make colorful art together.

For Lisa, these visits keep her spirits up.

“It takes your concentration off having tubes in you,” she says.

Chelsea, a dancer with a master’s degree in social work, finds herself humbled by her interactions at Roswell Park.

“As an Artist-in-Residence, I’m able to connect with others in such a unique way,” she says. “We’re able to build our interactions upon art, and I find that this allows people to communicate through a language we don’t often access.”

What Makes These Programs Possible

Thanks to donor gifts, Roswell Park funded 30 quality-of-life programs in 2017, including Artists-in-Residence. These programs help patients get through their battle while finding joy and escape in the smaller things. Roswell Park’s Artists-in-Residence visit clinics and inpatient areas offering music, dance and art activities to those who are interested and feel good enough to participate.

“I always find it touching when a patient says that for a moment they forgot they were in a hospital because I know that the creative interactions are making a difference, ” Chelsea says. “Our team of Artists-in-Residence are truly thankful to all the donors and supporters of our program because it allows us to continue fostering healing interactions.”

Two Roswell Park Employees Go Bald for the 10th Time!

This year will mark the tenth year that mother and daughter duo, Kathy and Erica Edbauer, have participated in Goin’ Bald for Bucks. Kathy and Erica are both Roswell Park employees, and their passion and commitment for the cause is contagious. Here’s what they had to say about Goin’ Bald:

“We started this tradition in 2009 because we wanted to show our support for our family and friends dealing with this horrific disease. Shaving your head knowing that your hair will grow back is such a minor price to pay to show support for those that are suffering. We feel blessed to be able to be a very small part of this event. One person alone cannot change the path of this disease, but we hope that by doing this year after year, we have helped at least one person feel like they are not alone on this journey. Seeing everyone come together to show support and raise awareness is the best part of event day.”

We hope that you will consider joining participants like Kathy and Erica on Wednesday, February 21 when Team Roswell goes Bald!

Register to participate or support the team today.