Matt Kianka


Meet Andre the Warrior

Warrior [wawr-ee-er] noun: a person who shows or has shown great vigor or courage. Synonyms include fighter, soldier and Andre. There’s never been a person

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Tim as firefighter

Our Inspiration: Tim

Age: 18 years old Hometown: Cheektowaga, NY Diagnosis: T-cell leukemia Status: In remission Tim just turned 18, and that means he gets to start living

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Our Inspiration: Zaida

Age: 16 years old Hometown: Eden, NY Diagnosis: Stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma Status: In remission February 4, 2019, was a very special day for sassy

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Our Inspiration: Drake

Age: 14 years old Hometown: Mayville, NY Diagnosis: Leukemia Status: In remission Drake is a kindhearted teen who loves a good practical joke and a

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Nya headshot

Our Inspiration: Nya

Age: 12 years old Hometown: Cheektowaga, NY Diagnosis: Acute myeloid leukemia Status: In remission The fabulous and vibrant Nya is an unstoppable force – and

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Our Inspiration: Adriana

Age: 7 years old Hometown: Clarence, NY Diagnosis: Wilms tumor Status: In remission Energetic Adriana loves to dance (jazz, ballet and tap, to be exact),

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