Brother sister duo go Bald for Bucks
Emma and Jackson go Bald for Bucks

Emma and Jackson are an unstoppable sibling pair. They both attend St. Gregory the Great and are on a mission to help end cancer. It all started because their two grandpas were diagnosed and treated at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“At our old school, they did a Bald for Bucks every year, and I remember thinking one year, why don’t I try this,” said Emma. Emma is the oldest of the two. The first time she went Bald for Bucks, she dyed a strip of her hair pink. The second year, after seeing his sister’s transformation, Jackson was inspired, and the siblings cut their hair together.

Jackson said the reason he goes Bald is to “show that you are representing people with cancer and that they are not much different from what you are.”

When I go Bald for Bucks, I think of all those people who have died from cancer or are still fighting cancer. I do it so that I can raise money and hopefully one day raise enough money to find a cure.

These siblings love going Bald for Bucks and they plan to participate for as long as they can. They hope everyone can decide to go Bald, too.  Jackson’s advice is, “Do it, and have a plan to get people to know that you are doing this to donate money.”  

These little rock stars remind us what it means to “be the change we wish to see in the world.” 

Cancer may change how they look, but they are the same as you.

If going Bald for Bucks seems like a drastic change, you are never alone, according to Emma.

“People who lose their hair, probably feel like, ‘Oh this is really so weird.’ But it’s really not that bad. When you go Bald for Bucks you can show them that it’s not that bad having your hair cut shorter than other people,” – Emma said.

And Jackson agrees.