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Make A Difference From Home by Goin’ Bald for Bucks

We know this isn’t how you imagined your year going — we didn’t, either! But despite the uncertainty of the world right now, we know we will get through this because we are in it together!

Just because we are physically distancing doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference.

Virtually Goin’ Bald for Bucks is a fun, easy and interactive way to make a difference, all while being safe. By hosting your own virtual event, you can still raise critical funds for cancer research and patient-care programs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and rally together your family and friends during this tough time.

How to Virtually Go Bald for Bucks

  1. Pick someone from your household to shave your head. You’ll have to have your own clippers!

  2. Select a day and time, and pick where you’re going to stream (Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Zoom).

  3. Now that your details are figured out, register your virtual event. Once you’re registered, check out our online fundraising toolkit.

  4. Take your “Before” picture! Make sure to save this photo so you can compare it to your “After” picture.

  5. Today’s the day! It’s time to go live and get ready to shave your head. Don’t forget to make your event public so everyone can tune in to cheer you on!

  6. Now that you’re newly Bald, take an “After” picture to share on social media with your donors! The Bald for Bucks team will be in touch shortly after your event to send you your fundraising rewards!

Check out some of our participants who went Bald for Bucks at home!

Four Fundraising Tips for Introverts

Do you love alone time? Are you quiet? Do you have a small group of friends? Then, you might be an introvert. Even though social interactions might not be your thing, you have everything you need to be an excellent fundraiser.

Introverts are super passionate and driven, which makes them great at fundraising for a cause they believe in. We know fundraising can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before, especially if you’re quiet. However, we know just how capable you are. Here are four fundraising tips to get started.

Start With Fam and Friends First

The best way to ease into fundraising is to ask your family and friends first. They’ll be so happy and proud that they’ll want to donate right away – and may be willing to spread the word, too!

Asking people you’re close with first is also good practice. Try out your sales pitch on them and see what they think. If they offer any advice on how to improve, take it! This will help give you the confidence to talk to others.

The Internet is Your Friend

Many introverts love to communicate through writing, which makes the Internet the perfect place to fundraise.

Get on your fav social media platform and spread the word. Ask some friends if they’d be willing to share your message on their accounts, too.  Send text messages to classmates, teammates and neighbors. Remind them that it’s not about the amount – every bit helps. There are so many ways to use the Internet to fundraise and you don’t even have to leave the couch to do it!

Turn Fundraising Into a Fun Challenge

Fundraising should be fun, so turn your efforts into a fun challenge! Leave a change jar on your desk and collect any spare change from classmates and teachers. Collect bottles and cans in the cafeteria. Maybe ask your teacher if you could host an ice cream social for your class.

There are so many small things you can do that will really add up at the end.

You’ve Got Strengths – Use Them!

Introverts are great at connecting with people in small groups. Look for opportunities to talk with neighbors, coaches, relatives, friends of siblings and more. If you can explain from your heart why you’re doing this, people will be more likely to donate.

You’ve got the heart, passion and commitment to fundraising successfully. Turn on your introvert charm and work your magic!