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Leeyana Cheek smiles in a bald Bald for Bucks T-shirt. Filler image.

Leeyana Cheek: Kindness Comes First

Leeyana Cheek wants others to know they aren’t alone, especially when they’re hurting or going through an illness like cancer. That’s why she participates in Bald for Bucks. Read her story.

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Meet Andre the Warrior

Warrior [wawr-ee-er] noun: a person who shows or has shown great vigor or courage. Synonyms include fighter, soldier and Andre. There’s never been a person

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Tim as firefighter

Our Inspiration: Tim

Age: 18 years old Hometown: Cheektowaga, NY Diagnosis: T-cell leukemia Status: In remission Tim just turned 18, and that means he gets to start living

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