DJ Anthony: Bald for Bucks Gives “Hope”
This photo shows DJ Anthony with a teacher at a Bald for Bucks rally.

DJ Anthony:

Using His Voice to Make a Difference

DJ Anthony’s name and voice are recognized by people in every corner of Western New York. After 27 years on one of Buffalo’s top-rated nighttime radio shows, his legacy speaks for itself. For people affected by cancer, DJ Anthony’s work outside of the studio has likely had an even greater impact.

DJ Anthony has been a major advocate for Bald for Bucks for more than a decade. He has played a key role in raising awareness for Roswell Park and its mission to end cancer. He was initially asked to get involved with Bald for Bucks because he is a graduate of Lake Shore High School — where the first ever Bald for Bucks took place

“I was like, ‘This would be amazing!’ I grew up as a foster kid, and here I am getting asked to go back to my high school for something this important,” he said.

After attending his first Bald for Bucks fundraiser at his alma mater, DJ Anthony was hooked. Over the years, he has been involved with Bald for Bucks events at high schools across the region. Still, every year, he makes it a point to return to Lake Shore.

“Before Bald for Bucks came along, I don’t really think kids had an outlet to deal with a family member dying of cancer. It was an in-house thing, and that’s how you dealt with it. You really didn’t tell anybody that you had cancer, and you didn’t talk about it as much,” said DJ Anthony. “Now, these kids are realizing, ‘Wow. I thought I was the only one going through this and look how many other students are going through this.’ It has created an instant family for them to lean on.”

The Bald for Bucks Impact

DJ Anthony standing with a group of people, some participants, at a Bald for Bucks event.
DJ Anthony stands with students from Amherst Middle School during a Bald for Bucks event.

Like many people who partake in Bald for Bucks, DJ Anthony also has a personal connection to cancer. One of his good friends was battling the disease in the 1990s, and she had kept her struggles primarily to herself. “I had no idea until she told me. And then she was the first person that I was close to that passed away of cancer.”

Knowing someone who died of cancer left a profound impact on DJ Anthony. He is proud that Bald for Bucks is helping people become more open about their experiences with cancer, in ways that maybe weren’t as accepted when his friend was dealing with her diagnosis.

Although he has countless stories from his years working alongside Roswell Park, one moment from a Kissmas Bash concert stands out.

“I asked them, ‘How many people in here have someone they know who’s been affected by cancer or has battled cancer? Put one finger in the air for them right now,’” said DJ Anthony. “The whole arena put their finger up in the air.”

That captivating memory illustrates a powerful truth: Cancer impacts all of us.

Through Bald for Bucks, people of all ages are doing their part to change that truth — making a personal promise to help end cancer. Even in hard times, DJ Anthony says he knows there is always goodness because of these initiatives. “That’s what Bald for Bucks has done for me. It’s given me a lot of hope.”

If you’re interested in starting your own Bald for Bucks fundraiser, click here to learn more.