Here’s everything you need to know about fundraising for Bald for Bucks!

Fundraising is a crucial part of your Bald for Bucks experience. When you participate, you are on a mission to support cancer research and patient care programs through your fundraising. We are committed to helping you reach your goals with these helpful tips and tools.

Take the first steps to become a successful fundraiser!


Set up your fundraising dashboard.

Let everyone know WHY you are changing your hair through Bald for Bucks. Upload a before photo or a photo of the person you’re honoring through your fundraising. Personalize the copy on your page by sharing your story and reason for participating. The more information you share when asking for donations, the better!


Set a fundraising goal.

Decide how much you want to challenge yourself. Whether $100 or $1,000, this will be the amount you strive to raise with the strategies that you pick from the next list.


Pick a fundraising strategy.

  1. Identify ten people you’d like to reach out to who you think will donate to you. Your task is to personally approach each one, but keep it limited to just these ten people to start.
  2. Go ALL in on your fundraising for one week! Dedicate time each day during this week to work on your fundraiser and give yourself a strong head start.
  3. Brainstorm a list of people and ask each of them to donate exactly $10. That’s it! Don’t overthink who they are or how much money they may or may not have – just ask each of them to give $10.
  4. Instead of going for a fundraising goal, set a donation goal. Work on receiving a specific number of donations regardless of the amount!

Get to work.

  1. Type up emails and text messages with links to your fundraising page.
  2. Personalize any emails or texts for important people in your life and have a generic version to send to everyone else.
  3. Post on social media and tell your story. Don’t forget to include a photo!
  4. Use some of our tools to print out signs and posters for school, work, local shops and community centers.
  5. Always remember to check for responses and share the impact of where the funds go.

Say thank you!

Order note cards, send an email, send a text or make a phone call. Make sure your donors know how important their support is! When you thank them, ask them to spread the word.

Horizontal notecards with bald for bucks logo on the front and roswell park logo on the back

Fundraising Tools.

Connect to Facebook.

  • Facebook fundraising is the easiest way to meet your fundraising goal. On average, participants who use Facebook raise $180 more than those who don’t.
  • With just a few clicks from your fundraising dashboard, you can link directly to your personal Facebook page. Learn more about how to increase your fundraising potential by connecting your fundraiser to Facebook!


Bald for Bucks has partnered with crowdfunding partner, Bonfire, to enable participants a cost-free and fun way to fundraise. 100% of campaign profits from the shirts you sell will be sent to your Bald for Bucks fundraiser. Bonfire will handle printing and shipping the shirts to supporters!

Log in to your fundraising dashboard and click on the t-shirt image to get started!

Social Media Badges

Instagram Stories

Print Materials

Horizontal notecards with bald for bucks logo on the front and roswell park logo on the back

To order printed note cards to send thank you notes to your donors please email

The rewards.

We want to celebrate  your hard work, dedication and commitment to fundraise for cancer research at Roswell Park! Continue to spread the Bald for Bucks mission and enjoy a small token of our appreciation.




Water Bottle

Grey bald for bucks beanie with pompom




Your choice: portable power bank, backpack, duffle bag, hoodie, Eddie Bauer jacket, full zip hoodie, or a picnic blanket.