The Bald for Bucks community is changing the future.

At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, scientists and doctors are very busy researching different ways to treat cancer and developing new therapies to bring an end to these diseases.

That's where you come in!

When you participate in Bald for Bucks, you’re making a difference in the lives of cancer patients today and in the future. You’re paving the way for brand new care options that will save lives AND you’re helping to bring hope and comfort to patients and loved ones in the midst of their cancer journey.

Dollars raised benefit these specialized initiatives:

Scientist looking into microscope

Research and Clinical Trials

You’re part of something incredible when you support Bald for Bucks: you’re shaping the future of cancer care. At Roswell Park, researchers and clinicians are working together to bring the newest, most innovative treatments and technologies to our patients. They’re bringing to life cancer-fighting approaches we could only dream about 10 years ago. Donor support is fueling incredible, groundbreaking changes to the cancer landscape.

Quality-of-Life Programs

At Roswell Park, we’re committed to the care of the whole person. Our work doesn’t end at medical treatment, but encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of our patients, as well. When you participate in or donate toward Bald for Bucks, you’re making it possible for Roswell Park experts to run Quality-of-Life Programs.

What is

Roswell Park?

Roswell Park is one of the leading cancer facilities in the country, pursuing research that can change how we understand, prevent and cure cancer. Roswell Park has many researchers who bring their expertise to patients through innovative cancer therapies. The funds raised through Bald for Bucks help researchers investigate new treatment options and facilitate clinical trials for both common and rare types of cancers. Donations also help fund quality-of-life programs, such as free wigs and head coverings for patients available at Roswell Park’s Resource Center and comfort kits for our patients’ overnight hospital stays.

What is

13thirty Cancer Connect?

13thirty Cancer Connect educates, supports and connects teenagers and young adults with cancer through fun and empowering peer support activities, interactive resources, and helpful programs for their families. By addressing the unique challenges of this age group, teens and young adults have a place where they can just be themselves and where cancer is only a part of their story. 13thirty is committed to ensuring that teens and young adults with cancer liver their best lives … today!