Our community is changing the future.

At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, scientists and doctors are very busy researching different ways to treat cancer and developing new therapies to bring an end to these diseases.

That's where you come in!

Scientist looking into microscope


Funds raised through Bald for Bucks support groundbreaking research and patient-care programs at Roswell Park to help patients throughout their cancer journey. There are so many exciting advancements happening.

Graphic with information about research. Center says "Research is so important to finding a cure for cancer. Here's what doctors and researchers are working on right now:" Rest of graph says "Starting new research projects that could help diagnose, prevent and treat cancer. Training a patient's own immune system to fight cancer. Running clinical trials that bring the latest treatments to patients. Developing genetic tests and immune profiles that can identify more effective ways of treating cancer. Developing treatments that can stop cancer from growning."

Patient-Care Programs

Fighting cancer isn’t easy. But at Roswell Park, we want to do whatever we can to make sure our patients are comfortable and receive the best possible care. These donor-funded quality-of-life programs help with what we sometimes call the small things — but which can become big and overwhelming during a fight with cancer.

Graphic about Patient-Care programs. Text says "Wigs and head coverings. Music and art. Educational programs and resources. Care kits. Therapy dogs. Financial assistance. Tea, coffee and books for patients getting treatment."

What is

Roswell Park?

Roswell Park is one of the leading cancer facilities in the country, pursuing research that can change how we understand, prevent and cure cancer. Roswell Park has many researchers who bring their expertise to patients through innovative cancer therapies. The funds raised through Bald for Bucks help researchers investigate new treatment options and facilitate clinical trials for both common and rare types of cancers. Donations also help fund quality-of-life programs, such as free wigs and head coverings for patients available at Roswell Park’s Resource Center and comfort kits for our patients’ overnight hospital stays.

What is

13thirty Cancer Connect?

13thirty Cancer Connect educates, supports and connects teenagers and young adults with cancer through fun and empowering peer support activities, interactive resources, and helpful programs for their families. By addressing the unique challenges of this age group, teens and young adults have a place where they can just be themselves and where cancer is only a part of their story. 13thirty is committed to ensuring that teens and young adults with cancer liver their best lives … today!