A girl smiles and holds up her newly chopped off braid

Take Charge of Your Bald for Bucks Journey .

All it takes is you.

Through Bald for Bucks, you can use your hair to fight cancer in more than one way. 

Whether you’re shaving your head, making a statement with a color that sets you apart, cutting your hair short or ditching your beard, do it in solidarity with cancer patients.

The best part is that you don’t have to shave your head!

Cut your hair, add a strand of color or change up your style in whatever way suits you best. Schools that Go Bald together, stay strong together.

3 students feel their shaved heads

Shave your head.

The option that started it all!

3 students feel their shaved heads

It's simple:

Let the world know you’re going to stand in solidarity with cancer patients by shaving your head.
Collect donations that will support cancer patients and research.
Grab those clippers and shave it all off. Choose a salon or snag someone you trust to do the honors at home.

Share your journey on social media!

Bald for Bucks is a meaningful, extracurricular activity that teaches responsibility, the importance of community and what it looks like to make a real impact, even as a kid or a teen. Participating in this fundraiser isn’t just about the new hairstyle your child will be rocking — it’s about giving them the opportunity to help cancer patients everywhere!

Get started!

Cut your hair.

Cut your locks with this Bald for Bucks option in just a few easy steps.

A teacher and student with a shaved head smile
Find a trusted person to cut your hair.
Pick a date.
Collect donations.

Cut your hair!

Cutting more than eight inches?

You’re eligible to donate your locks to a wig-making charity. Each charity has different specifications, so be sure to review the requirements and select the partner of your choice. You will be responsible for mailing your ponytail donation to the wig-making charity that you choose.
A woman's wet hair is trimmed with scissors by a stylist

Style your hair.

Make a statement and spread awareness in the mission to end cancer by styling your hair. What does this mean? Really, whatever you want! Get colorful extensions, dye your hair or try a funky hairdo. Have fun with this option as you raise money for cancer patients and research.

Grow your beard.

Maybe going Bald isn’t your thing … but maybe growing your beard is! Grow your beard or moustache for days, weeks or months, collect donations as you grow, then get out those clippers!

You can make it a group activity! Challenge your family, friends or coworkers to join you in growing their beards.

A man has his mustache trimmed by a stylist
A group of children hold multicolor hair extensions in a school gymnasium


Not only is Bald for Bucks a fun way to rock a new hairstyle with your friends, but it’s also a great leadership opportunity that helps build community inside and outside the classroom.

Not sure where to start?

We have you covered!

Here are some resources to help get you started on your Bald experience.

Salon 14120

Not sure where to start when shaving your head?

You can also check out this video from our resident expert at Salon 14120, Dawn.

Play Video
Two children holding Bald for Bucks signs that say "New hair, who dis?" and "Bald is beautiful"

Share on social media!


Now that you are newly Bald, take an after picture to share on social media using #BaldforBucks. 

If you want to be featured on our Bald for Bucks social media, DM us or email baldforbucks@roswellpark.org.

What are you waiting for?!

Let's Go Bald!

Start a School Fundraiser.

If your school doesn’t already have a plan to participate in Bald for Bucks this year, you can make one happen!

Students hold signs reading Let's go Jenah while a girl gets her head shaved

Get your school to make Bald for Bucks part of your 2022-2023 school year in a few easy steps:

Start with this letter!

The Bald for Bucks team created a letter for you to bring to school administration or a teacher you trust.


Once your school says yes, work together to pick a date and time that works.


Recruit classmates, teachers and friends to participate.

3 children holding Bald for Bucks signs up


We're here to help!

We understand that this can seem like a big undertaking — that’s why our team is here every step of the way to make this experience a success for you!

Ready to sign up?!

We have various fundraising tools to help reach your goal.

Check out the collection of tools that are relevant for students!

Earn rewards!

When you fundraise for Bald for Bucks you have the opportunity to earn rewards for all of your hard work!