Get to Know Bella, The Girl Who Started It All

You only have to spend a few minutes with Bella to realize she has a heart of gold. According to her mom, Jamie, she is caring, loving and always thinking of others.

“On Bella’s first day of kindergarten, one of her classmate couldn’t go outside because she didn’t have her EpiPen and was allergic to bees. Bella stayed back so the girl wouldn’t be alone. They played together in the classroom while everyone was outside,” Jamie said.

This is just one of many examples of Bella big heart. Despite her battle with cancer, Bella has remained a sweetheart who is always looking out for others. 

And she’s doing well!

“She is the strongest person we have ever met,” Jamie said. “Always smiling despite the many ups and downs we have faced.”

Bella was the first Courage of Carly Fund kid to shave Marty Biron’s head live on air. In 2018, she passed the clippers onto Adriana and the girls shaved Marty and Dan Dunleavy’s heads. And on March 5th, the pair becomes a trio with the addition of Andre.