Our Inspiration: Drake

Drake is a kindhearted teen who loves a good practical joke and a nail-biting scary movie. He wasn’t always like this, though – cancer prevented him from being himself.

Drake’s journey started when he woke up one morning and could not move his arms or legs. Not only were they extremely swollen, but he also had a 103 fever. Doctors believed it was a viral infection, but when his symptoms continued – and got worse – his mom, Debbie, started Googling for answers. She kept getting results for one thing – leukemia. 


Drake in hospital bed

On November 17, 2017, Drake went in for an X-ray of his arms. His mom was driving him home when they got the call to come back to the hospital because it was, indeed, leukemia. Drake began his first round of chemotherapy, which was followed by a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, that treatment didn’t work, so he was put on a more intense plan. He spent the next year in the hospital.

Drake was then genetically tested, which came back positive and meant he was at high risk. He was put on a special chemo pill to help with his mutation. He still takes an oral chemo pill to keep him on track, but Drake is back to being a fun-loving jokester who’s always down for a laugh.

November 25, 2019, will be a very special date for Drake as he will be ringing the victory bell at Roswell Park! 

You can continue to follow his story at Drake’s Journey on Facebook. 

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