Meet Ronald Montesano, Spanish teacher and Bald for Bucks leader
Ron holds a Bald for Bucks dedication sign to Colin, Patrick and his dad.

Meet Ronald Montesano

A middle and high school Spanish teacher at Nichols School in Buffalo

For the last 15 years of his 36-year teaching career, Ronald has been dedicated to showing his students what it means to be a warrior in the fight to end cancer. Each year, he rallies staff members and students to participate in Bald for Bucks, and he shaves his head completely bald in solidarity with students and cancer patients everywhere. This year is no exception.

“I am going completely bald. I have them take it down as low as they can ,and then I'll grab the razor at home. That's really important to me, because I don't want the kids to think that we're just doing this for a haircut. I want them to understand that when a person undergoes treatment and loses their hair, they don't have a choice in the matter. And so, when they see me bald in March, April, May and June, they realize that the cancer journey is something that stays with you, and the treatment saves you,” he says.

Like many, Ronald has a personal connection to the cancer cause. His father passed away several years ago from brain cancer, and Ronald wears gray pants every year to raise awareness about his father’s specific cancer type. He also honors two students who bravely fought and lost their battles with cancer: one a former student and the other a standout golfer who skillfully play against the Nichol’s golf team while in high school. In recognition of those students, Ron wears an orange shirt— representing leukemia.

Where Bald for Bucks Comes In

Ron signs a Bald for Bucks dedication sign to Colin, Patrick and his dad.

Incorporating those cancer ribbon colors into his wardrobe is a small act, but Ronald knows that by raising awareness and funds for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, he’s making the future a little more hopeful for the next generation.

He also recognizes that his students are the ones at the heart of each Bald for Bucks event. By participating in Bald for Bucks, they’re driving lifesaving research and quality-of-life programs forward while showing cancer patients that they’re not alone.

“I am beyond proud. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a sixth grader or a seventh grader or even a 10th or 11th grader making this type of sacrifice. They just reach out, and they have their parents reach out to as many people as possible, and the money that they raise continues to stupefy me,” Ronald says.


Welcome back for 2023!

February 24, 2023, will be Nichols’ 15th year going Bald for Bucks. Thank you, Ronald and team, for your commitment to the cause!