Lockport Police Department holds Beards for Bucks fundraiser for Roswell Park
Lockport Police Department holds check presentation for Beards for Bucks

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it’s easy to feel helpless. But there are ways you can take action to let people living with cancer know you stand with them. The Lockport Police Department did just that this winter.

From November through January, officers took part in Beards for Bucks, a program under the Bald for Bucks umbrella. Through this initiative, participants grow a beard over time, then shave it all off at the close of the fundraiser. The program supports cutting-edge research, clinical trials and patient care programs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“The guys really enjoy it, and it’s an opportunity to give back. Also, everyone appreciates being able to grow a beard for the season,” said Lockport Police Lt. Marshall Belling, who coordinated the fundraiser.

This is the fifth year the Lockport Police Department has held a Beards for Bucks fundraiser. Lt. Belling said it’s a great way for their department to connect with the community.

“Most of the time when we interact with the community, people are calling us because there’s a problem, they’re in distress or they were in an accident,” he explained. “Being able to get out there for a reason other than an official police call allows us an opportunity to talk to people and meet with them on a little bit more of a human level.”

If your organization is considering Beards for Bucks, Lt. Marshall offered this perspective: “Everyone seems to be happy to do it, and in the meantime, we’re raising money, so everyone wins. It’s a good thing,” said Lt. Marshall. “There’s nothing to lose.”

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