Cuba-Rushford teacher Dave Volz inspires students through Bald for Bucks
Cuba-Rushford students and their teacher Dave Volz at Roswell Park

The beginning

Dave Volz's connection to the cause

Going Bald for Bucks is one of the most visible ways to show support for those who are fighting cancer and honor those we have lost. Every year, hundreds of people raise money, change their hair or go bald for the cause, many with a different connection to cancer. Dave Volz, a teacher in the Cuba-Rushford School District, is no exception.

For seven years, Dave has been steadfast in his commitment to Roswell Park and cancer research. He participates in Bald for Bucks for the same reason so many do — his own personal connection to the cause.

“My uncle Eddie passed away from cancer 11 years ago. I participate in Bald for Bucks in his memory,” said Dave.

Dave added that his favorite part of the fundraiser is the actual event — seeing people in the school community go bald or cut their hair for such a worthwhile and meaningful cause. 

This photo shows Dave Volz holding a sign that reads "Bald for Bucks"
A side-by-side image of two people at Bald for Bucks events

The value of giving back

Cuba-Rushford students at Roswell Park's Celebration of Hope
Cuba-Rushford students at Roswell Park's Celebration of Hope

While Dave pays tribute to his late uncle, he also teaches his students the value of getting involved and taking action. He explained, “The leadership class I teach at Cuba-Rushford (Teen Leadership), coordinates our Bald for Bucks event and several fundraisers throughout the school year to help raise awareness for cancer and money for Roswell Park.”

Some of those fundraisers leading up to their Bald for Bucks event include selling candy grams before Christmas and hosting a Cancer Awareness Week.

"In our Teen Leadership class, we talk about leading with our actions and not just our words. I feel like Bald for Bucks gives us the chance to do this."

"Having lost a relative to cancer, I feel like this is a good way for me to help someone else who is going through the same ordeal."


Over the years, Dave’s leadership group has taken part in a variety of cancer-based initiatives, even visiting Roswell Park. In fact, on December 9, 2023, his students volunteered at Roswell Park’s Tree of Hope Lighting Celebration.

Advice to other leaders

If you’re interested in participating in Bald for Bucks, Dave offered this advice: “My advice to another school leader who wants to become involved with Bald for Bucks is to start simply. We have added more mini fundraisers over the years as we continue to grow our program. Having student involvement is very important (student groups, sports teams, clubs within the school). In addition to having individual students and staff members join our team to go bald or donate a length of hair, we also host many activities to involve the rest of the school district and community.”

Something magical happens when schools come together for a great cause, and Cuba-Rushford is a prime example of that! Bald for Bucks can leave a lifelong impact not only on students and teachers, but the entire community.