Fearless in the Face of a Pandemic: Imogene Still Does Her Part to Help End Cancer
Imogene goes Bald for Bucks

Imogene is ready to take on the world. Not only does she take dance classes seven times a week and loves to climb trees and color in her spare time, but she also loves making a difference.  When she was in 7th grade, she decided to shave her head and go #BaldforBucks.

Imogene said she got her inspired to go Bald by her health teacher and a fellow classmate, who did it the year before. Imogene’s mother, Monica, worked at Roswell for 5 years as an Artist in Residence and was thrilled to know her daughter was interested in contributing to the patients being treated there by donating her hair to raise money for cancer research.

Her plan was to go Bald with her school in March of 2020. But when the pandemic hit, the Bald event was canceled. However, being the resilient person she is, Imogene did not let COVID-19 stop her. So she grabbed her clippers and shaved for her head at home!

When asked why she went bald for bucks, Imogene said she wanted to give a patient what they couldn’t give themselves at an already difficult time in their life. She knew she could do her part to help raise funds for virtual treatment at Roswell Park.

Bald for Bucks was the first experience Imogene had with supporting Roswell Park.  She made an impact many people’s lives, which she said is the greatest reward. Not only did Imogene donate her hair, but she also raised $1,566.50 towards the critical cancer research being done at Roswell. Thank you Imogene for your bravery and resilience!

Are you interested in going Bald for Bucks? Be like Imogene!

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